Graphic Design

Nerida Newton

Diploma of Graphic Design Online

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Hello Hello.
First name is Nerida, but I prefer Ned. I live in the beautiful coastal area of Newcastle NSW. I love anime and manga, computer games and my dog Sophie. I'm looking for work in the UX/UI design field.

TIS (Tailored Interest Search)

The Tailored Interest Search or TIS for short, is an interactive component that allows the user
to search the EB Games website for games based on their preferred genre.

The Billy Blue College of Design brief over the course of 1 semester to develop an interactive Javascript Component (TIS in my case) and a animated web component to compliment the Interactive component. I coded a mock up EB games website, and for my animated web component I created the loading screen with Greensock.

I designed TIS to stand out and provide an easy access for users to search by their favourite genre/s, and they could filter this choice by console if they wished to do so.

I used HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery, Greensock to develop the entire project.

My ComCor App

In my Beyond Creative Industries brief, it outlined to develop a solution to a specific problem in a non-creative industry using my specialised design skills. As I currently work for Corrective Services NSW, I developed a solution to the following problem:

‘Improve communication and engagement between Community Corrections officers and their clients on a remote level’

COVID 19 highlighted a significant deficient in our management of offenders, that our lack of utilising technology to assist with managing and communicating offenders, rendered us in a position where simple contact was made difficult, when we couldn't see them face to face. Not to mention to continue to motivate and encourage offenders to keep engaging with interventions and their officers was difficult.

Using my UX design skills, I determined that a central web responsive app could help solve this problem. Being a web responsive app, offenders could utilise it on any device and wouldn't need to download the specific native app onto every device. It also would cost less for the department to develop. I completed a Figma prototype of the three main screens that would assist offenders in managing their legal obligations and create a more trusting and communicative relationship with their officers.