Graphic Design

Leanna Intia

Diploma of Graphic Design Ultimo

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Hi there! I’m Leanna, a Filipino-born, Australian raised graphic designer. I’m passionate about all things design, particularly branding, typography and print design. I pride myself on being a creative problem solver with strong technical skills.

When I’m not staring at my computer all day, I can usually be found snacking on some chips & salsa, listening to my favourite music on repeat or taking photos of my friends on our adventures.

I'm always up for a new challenge, so please take a further look into the projects previewed here by heading to my website, and say hello! Looking forward to working together!

Flux Kombucha

Flux is a new beverage brand that aims to enter the kombucha market. Flux offers an all-natural product with smart and effective packaging that incorporates a strong design aesthetic.

This project required the creation of smart and effective packaging for the upcoming launch of Flux’s kombucha, including artwork, bottle design, label and copy. The goal was to create a label with a modern and sophisticated design, using colours that would convey this tone without making the design feel too aloof to its target audience.

Disenyo Magazine

'Disenyo' is a new magazine publication focusing on art and design. This project required the creation of a look and feel for a first issue of a brand new publication aimed toward a design savvy audience, including a custom masthead.

The design and typographical style of 'Disenyo' was inspired by the Swiss Style, utilising a combination of typography and photography as a means of visual communication. The goal was to develop a clean and crisp design for the magazine's inner spreads, but remain visually engaging for the audience. A grid layout was employed to achieve balance and promote readability.