Graphic Design

Matt Allan

Diploma of Graphic Design Melbourne

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I'm Matt and I am a graphic designer based in Melbourne.

My areas of interest lay in Illustration, Photography, Typography, Branding, Packaging and Magazine Layout.

Currently I am looking for work, ideally in a remote setting due to the current Covid-19 climate.

Sketch Decks

With all of the concert photos I have taken over the years, I have been trying to come up with a suitable means of translating them into an artistic medium beyond that of simply making standard prints to sell.

With the use of Photoshop actions I have been able to find a translation that I thought was suitable without loosing too much of the original identity from each photo and have since experimented with using these newer works on various product mockups.


These works were created as part of they final assessment during the Design Thinking course of the Graphic Design diploma.

Required to create branding and packaging for any item of our choosing, I decided on baseball caps as the unusual shape presented some unique and exciting opportunities.

During the mockup stage, I could not find suitable files so dipped my toes into Adobe Dimensions for the first time to create custom pieces to help compliment the overall vision I had for these designs.