Graphic Design

Kaitlyn Fisher

Diploma of Graphic Design Brisbane

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Hi! My names Kaitlyn, but some people prefer to call me Kaity.
I’m based out of the Gold Coast after relocating in my early twenties from a small country town in NSW.

I love to head to the beach on my days off when the surf is calm and the weathers just right.
I love to help! I’m always to go to guru for questions at work! I also really value relationships with colleagues as I believe a healthy work environment is key to productivity.

I’m currently working as a Fine Art Print Production Manager of family business based out of the Gold Coast. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to learn new print and production software, work with heaps of artists and photographers and really challenge myself with a new career path.

Frame of Mind Magazine Cover

Creating a magazine specifically for designers? No easy feat. Elements such as type, layout, contrast and white space were all carefully considered when designing the cover. Cover photography was curated to reflect the internal contents which featured architectural photography alongside articles of Billy Blue's successful photography and design students.

Clean Up Your Act

Becoming increasingly aware of littering of plastic dog poo bags in public parks surrounding my area, I was motivated to raise awareness of the issue by creating a series of posters that would be unapologetically loud, humorous, and emotionally engaging.