Graphic Design

Abby Stout

Diploma of Graphic Design Ultimo

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Hello! I'm Abby Stout, a Warrimoo-based illustrator and graphic designer who is hoping to begin a design career. I currently specialize in soft, curved illustrations of people in limited palettes but I aim to build my skills and experience through collaboration within a studio. I have experience with Procreate, Adobe Indesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. I have an interest in illustration, craft, social justice, and media. I am hoping to branch out into book illustration, social awareness branding, concept art, and packaging.

AGDA design industry poster campaign

The brief was to create a series of poster for the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) that would appeal and inform young creatives about the graphic design industry. This includes an infographic about roles within the design industry and 3 seminar posters.

Using visually strong illustrations and distinct but minimal palettes the posters are separate but cohesive. Due to the design-savvy but time poor target audience, the visually descriptive and simplistic illustrations work well to deliver information quickly and in a engaging way. The Infographic uses the theme of seeking out cryptids parallels the challenge of finding and understanding other designers and their roles. The target audience of new-to-industry designers and design-interested people can clearly see each creature representing a different role in the design industry.

Feminist celebration collection

The brief was for a commemorative Galentine's Day (a celebration of female friendship which is typically a brunch on 13/02) shirt. Later 2 more female-focused designs were added that share this theme of empowering women.

The 2 tote bag designs draw attention to the less addressed aspects of female life like the socialization of women to be passive and small and the shaming of female body hair. The designs use bold illustrations with strong, expressive typography to remove the shame and stigma around these issues. The Galentine's day shirt design uses fun and energetic illustration that focuses on female friendship. The friend illustrations use the fluid lines, soft shapes and shades of orange to present the friends as mimosas spilling from the champaign glasses in excitement, following the brunch theme. The collection connected through its curved illustrations of women in warm limited palettes.