Graphic Design

Cat Dao

Diploma of Graphic Design Ultimo

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Hi, I'm Cat from Sydney. I love designing for projects that are good for people and the planet. My skillset includes branding, illustration, and user experience design. Send me a message and let's see if we're the right fit for each other!

Electrik Eel Interaction Design

The brief required the production of a stylish modern brand and an interactive website using HTML and CSS with a focus to create a great user experience for festival users. In this project, the UX design of competitors’ websites, UX testing results and personas of target users were analysed. Using this research and analysis, a new strategic vision of front-end design was proposed and coded to increase ticket sales.

Maakai Wholefoods Branding and Packaging Design

The brief required research and to design a new meaningful print-ready packaging solution that offers a better user experience for an instant oats product.

A brand name and personality were created for the purpose of this project. Concepts of usability, utility, social responsibility and sustainability were considered as part of the design. The 3D prototype was produced and tested for optimal performance.

The printed advertisement was chosen as a merchandising idea due to it’s ability to increase brand awareness and recognition using natural textures, imagery and typography. It would be particularly helpful in the early stages when Maakai Wholefoods is establishing its presence in the oats market.

Design thinking methologies were used throughout to ensure the design was human-centred, user friendly and marketed to the target audience.