Graphic Design

Joshua Tavener

Diploma of Graphic Design Melbourne

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Hey there, my name is Joshua Tavener and I currently reside in Melbourne, Australia. My design style is a mix of bold colour schemes with clean typography and layout styles. I have a passion for illustration and creating, whether that be portraiture, still life's, typography or even creating assets by hand. I love being creative and experimenting with new and interesting materials.

Alysha Jenkins Ceramics Branding

The brief was to create something fun, creative and fresh that aligned with the ceramics style Alysha is known for. I started with the illustration and used a flat, retro style that matched well with the checkers and marks Alysha is known for. From there I picked out an orange that was prevalent in her work and used that as a brand colour throughout the collateral. For the logo, I wanted it to have a slight street style and keep it quite minimal so it could be juxtaposed to more elaborate patterns and colours without it clashing. The bag is meant to mimic what an "Alysha" ceramic would look like as a paper bag with the bold orange used for impact.

Fashion and beauty Illustration

A mix of personal digital illustrations done in photoshop, inspired by beauty photography and fashion runways. Creating realistic, interesting textures with colourful mark making is at the core of my digital illustration practice, and trying to emulate more "traditional" painting. I have been interested in fashion and beauty illustration for years and is at the core of my personal illustration practice.