Graphic Design

Adam Villani

Diploma of Graphic Design Online

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Hi, I’m Adam,
I revisited study, to follow my dreams of working in the design industry.
Design areas of interest include; branding, packaging, logo design, publication, and typography.
My design approach is customer-focused, with a thought process including logic, simplicity, and aesthetics.
In my free time, I enjoy traveling.

AGDA Design Seminars - Promotional Collateral

This academic brief required the design of marketing collateral promoting AGDA seminars, aimed towards design professionals, informing about copyright and intellectual property.

The series of collateral incorporates a ‘playing cards’ theme, through a bold, eye-catching design. A Joker playing card communicates the message that nobody wants to be fooled (in a legal matter). A Queen of Hearts and a shield were used to communicate that those who run and work in a studio are responsible for workplace safety and well-being. A King of Spades was used to communicate about protecting your work and propriety knowledge and respecting others’ professional work. The swords symbolise protection and being armed with information. In card games, the Spade represents action and wisdom.

Project/Client Website

Barista Now - Product Packaging

This academic brief required the design of product branding and identity, promotional marketing collateral and sustainable package design.

The product packaging was designed to be retained and reused as a storage container, where the label can be re-cycled. A cohesive design style was applied across the range of elements to form a cohesive relationship, and importantly, to create consumer product brand awareness. The consumer can easily identify and remember the product and brand through the cohesive design of colour, shape, form and typography.

Project/Client Website