Graphic Design

Ian Briggs

Diploma of Graphic Design Online

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Hello, my name is Ian Briggs and I am an Australian graphic designer based in Brisbane. I have a passion for
all things design, but logo design, print media, and advertising are where my strengths lie. I was looking to change my career direction after 32 years as a tradesman in the printing industry and have completed a Diploma in Graphic Design at Billy Blue College of Design, Torrens University Australia. I am looking for a role that combines my printing industry knowledge with my newly found design knowledge.

'End Result' Magazine

This wonderful coffee table topper is a brand new design magazine focusing on all things design. The brief was to come up with a title for the magazine, create a masthead, and produce a pleasing layout for the entire publication. After researching magazine titles, the unique title of ‘End Result’ was chosen. ‘End Result’ refers to the design process. Every design starts with an idea and the design process is heading towards the end result.

After the title was chosen, the original typography for the masthead was created by manipulating different typefaces until one stood out over the others. The body copy, images, and articles for ‘End Result’ were supplied. After choosing which of the images to use with each article, it was all arranged into a grid layout. The layout makes for a well-presented and visually attractive magazine and can be easily duplicated in future issues.

'Perfect Me' Packaging

The brief was to find an existing product packaging and re-design the packaging to solve a perceived issue. 

I chose to create a complete range of protein powder, Perfect Me, and design the packaging so that it would stand out on the shop shelves. The issue I identified was the ease of retrieving the measuring scoop from inside the protein powder tub. The measuring scoop was often hard to find inside the tub and time is taken to dig it out of the protein powder before the product can be used.

In this age of convenience, the consumer wants everything to be as quick and easy as possible. Placing the scoop on the outside of the tub in a convenient and secure box plays to that ‘I want it now’ thinking. Everything from the brand name and logo to the final labels and packaging was a part of this creative process.