Branded Fashion Design

Katherine Jiang

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design Ultimo

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My name is Katherine and I'm from Sydney. I enjoy my time the most on a weekend where I am just relaxing and drawing in my spare time. I look forward to any potential designer opportunities within the fashion industry, hoping to find the next stage where I can showcase my design ideologies.


This entire collection focuses on East meets West, where 'East' is expressed through the eastern artistic cultural elements, and 'West' is expressed through the Western fashion silhouettes. The lycoris is utilised as a feature artwork throughout all pieces within the manufactured collection. Lycoris is often seen as a guardian flower of the netherworld within East Asian fantasy stories and legends. The garment silhouettes focus on an oversized fit that is suitable for all genders.

The Koi

Similarly, this collection also explores within the idea of 'East meets West'. This collection utilises the Koi fish as a feature artwork that travels across all the statement pieces in the collection. Each garment is heavily influenced by Western fashion trends and silhouettes, utilising the sheer layer to replicate a 'second skin' as a form to express someone's inner identity through clothing.