Branded Fashion Design

Tabitha Hendry

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design Ultimo

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My name is Tabitha Hendry and I graduated from Billy Blue in 2020. I have always been interested in fashion and dance from a young age, and going to a performing arts high school only heightened my love for creativity and expression that the arts can help portray. Going on exchange to study fashion in Milan was a huge highlight of my time at Billy Blue and I believe it really opened my eyes to international fashion and gave me an insight into how collaborative and supportive our industry can be.

New Breed

Championing the local over the global. Inspired by the textures and silhouettes of Australia's flora and Faun. New breed is a collaborative collection, designed, developed and showcased by the emerging creativese of Australia's tomorrow. The imperfections and decorative qualities of natural materials and hand- made processes will be celebrated throughout this tran-seasonal collection.

Prairie Living

this capsule collection focuses on the new emerging call for 'raw femininity'. Alluding to the 1800's farm living, we take you back to the prairie meadows focussing on transforming the rustic tailoring of mens work wear and the ruffles/skirting of the womenswear. Taking earthy aesthetics to encapsulate a sense of "prairie living" with a flamboyant, exuberant twist,