Branded Fashion Design

lindsay segreto

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design Ultimo

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My Name is Lindsay Segreto, I’m 21 and live in Sydney. I love designing fashion, keeping active and my family. Fashion is a key part of who I am as I express my feelings and thoughts through design. I am currently working as a retail sales assistant in fashion and looking further into how I can use my creativity in the design world. I am looking for a creative design role developing collections. My love for mixing fabrics is also reflected in my portfolios.

La Liberta S/S '22

My brand Lindsay Segreto reflects all aspects of natural beauty, freedom, innocence and a sense of confidence. When wearing my designs, it’s really important for me to make women feel free, special and comfortable in themselves. My Spring/Summer 2022 Collection ‘La Liberta’ which means freedom, is inspired by my love of Italy through my personal experiences and family background. Linen was in my mind constantly when designing. There is a structure that linen supplies, both a relaxed and classic look paired with boucle which compliments the colours in linen.

Venice S/S '22

During the Venice Carnivals, In the past the streets of Venice were full of people wearing masks which allowed them to protect their identity and remove any social differences.

When wearing Lindsay Segreto, all social differences are removed and are inspired to show your true identity.