Branded Fashion Design

Jessica Weng

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design Ultimo

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Growing up I was always drawn to anything creative and it wasn't long until I found myself interested in the world of fashion. I found fashion as a way I could express myself and this inspired me to get into the world of fashion design. Seeing my designs develop from just sketches to complete garments being worn has been such an exciting and rewarding experience.

Throughout my course, I’ve learnt so many new skills and achieved accomplishments that I believe will be so useful in the workforce. I had the pleasure of interning at Forcast and throughout my experience it has further solidified my perspective on where I see myself in the future. I am motivated to continue my creative journey and would love to pursue a career within the fashion industry.


ESCAPISM SS22 was a collection I designed for my final project.

This collection encapsulates the desire to explore and adventure on a holiday. I was inspired by the recent events that were going on around the world, specifically the implications of COVID and how it restricted us to our homes. Within a recession-hit world, a holiday or getaway had never been more valued and appreciated. I wanted this collection to encourage individuals to take the time to relax, restore and escape in times of difficulties. The collection features elegant, comfortable and versatile silhouettes perfect for a holiday.


This is a continuation of my final project, ESCAPISM SS22. I’ve included images of the design development beginning with my moodboard and where I got my inspiration from. Included are sketches of the garments I was producing as well as the first samples I received and final CAD drawings.