Branded Fashion Design

sophie smith

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design Ultimo

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Fuelled by my passion for the fun and the creative, I have a love of exploring the world whilst discovering all its beautiful nuances, this is where I draw a lot of my inspiration. Having a strong sense of humour is a big part of me as I think it allows extra resilience in times when needed which in the fashion industry that can be plenty.

I am a true believer that a brand has the ability to evoke a great feeling in its customers and give them something to really believe in and be a part of. I have experienced this over my past three years working for high end retail brands where I have seen the process from inception right through to great customer experience, I believe this is not only a big part of what makes fashion such an energetic industry but also what drives us to work so hard!

I would love a future in buying or merchandise/collection planning as I feel I have a strong understanding of different people and what drives them as consumers. I’m really looking forward to joining a special Brand and bringing my passion to support them in creating something wonderful for their customers.

Ocean Fantasia - Spring/Summer 22

Anomalie the brand is an expression of the weird and wonderful wonders of our youth, a tribute to the people we meet, the places we go and the dancing we do. It is our aim to create playful and unique designs that can see our customers on their happiest of days, wildest of nights and funnest of memories.

The spring summer 22 collection ocean fantasia is an ode to the mystery and beauty of the ocean whilst playing with the idea of our very own magical world under the sea. Drawing on the shapes and colours of the sometimes weird yet wonderful deep blue - Anomalie presents its spring summer 22 collection, our own interpretation of what it’s like to party under the sea.

With lockdown in mind I redirected our campaign to a ‘At home with a Anomalie Girl’ aesthetic to create beautiful images in the home highlighting the spirit of the Anomalie customer during lockdown.

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SJ MAY - Convertible Occasion A/W 21

Last trimester I created the Brand SJ MAY which was a high-end occasion wear label, positioning itself with a point of difference through its Trans seasonal convertible multi-functional features that increases the longevity and diversity of every piece. Sj May is redefining what constitutes modern occasion wear setting out to provide Convertible garments that can be changed, removed, reversed, combined and separated to improve longevity and versatility from every purchase. It is our hope that we can redefine how we think about multi-function and bridge the gap between practicality and luxury.