Branded Fashion Design

Angelina Mai

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design Ultimo

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Hello my name is Angie and I live in Sydney. My interests are photography, fashion and games. I'm looking for work in the fashion industry.


The concept is based on the Art Nouveau movement. It was about modernising designs and moving away from eclectic historical designs. The designs during this period drew inspiration from organic and geometric forms merging these two to create designs that flow one to another.

It takes inspiration from this movement by combining the natural forms from the curves of plants and flowers with geometric forms that contrast each other. This allows geometric forms to be softened with the organic forms.


The concept collection is breaking the boundaries between gender separation in clothing, we will achieve this by combining tailoring and streetwear. The contrast of the two style allows the design to experiment with silhouette and use of contrasting lightweight and heavyweight fabrics to challenge the societal fashion standard.

The designs are inspired for this collection is nature which combined with a lightweight creates flow and the opacity of the fabrics allow to conceal and layer body parts. This creates a contrast to the tailoring as it softens the structured look.