Branded Fashion Design

Camila Pisoni

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design Melbourne

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As a passionate fashion enthusiast, I’ve decided to move to Australia 5 years ago to develop my knowledge in the industry doing a Branding Fashion degree which I already did finish successful. Usually very often recognised for my proactive ability to generate and implement new ideas also to be happy to learn as much as I can sharing and as much as I’ve learned, I could not just study in Australia but also, I’ve challenged myself to be involved into the Melbourne Fashion Industry at somehow. The icing on the cake of my journey in Australia has 15 years old and is my reason to recreate myself every day as a woman as well as a professional but as a mother. My family is my first pillar to encourage myself every day to believe that my fashion journey is just on the beginning and that I have plenty of support to go ahead. When I’m not working, I can be found enjoying a delightful meal, a drink with family and friends and on my good workout routine.

The Circular Fashion Economy - APP

Consumer behavior is the crux of this research.
Therefore, the lack of knowledge about fast fashion, the damage it does to the environment and where to
find sustainable products and information. If brands educate consumers through social medias and a platform into creating a community which
connects company, influencers and consumer to their
lifestyle preference - could this create a movement for
a sustainable future?
A ‘Swap This for That’ is a way to educate and inform people on their purchases through organic content, with accessible value and creating a community. It is a platform connected with a social network of sales and exchange where you have access to influential professionals who believe in sustainable fashion and conscious consumption.

FA 301 and 302 A

Portfolio Proposal:
PISONI is a contemporary womenswear label
with a sports luxe influence. We focus on versatility
with an emphasis on sustainable materials.