Branded Fashion Design

Valentina Salim

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design Ultimo

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A passionate and creative individual, specialised in Fashion and Graphic design field. My #infinitecreativity collection won a Bronze Award by A'Design Award for Fashion, Apparel, and Garment Design category.

I’m an adventurous person, open-minded, and love to learn new things. I envisioned myself travelling the world to study each countries' fashion and culture, making connections, and sharing the knowledge I've learnt to people. These personalities were reflected in my previous experiences - which are the reason why I'm willing to work in different departments. Based on my previous experiences, I can say that I have an interest to work within design department - yet I’m open to any roles.

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#infinitecreativity - A/W 20

This collection is inspired by the idea of snake shedding its skin. In my opinion, ‘shedding’ skin means to ‘reveal something new’ - and that’s how I came up with the name ‘Infinite Creativity’ because I believe that creativity has no limit.

The whole collection was made using semi-wool, cotton, leather, and prada lace. I incorporated the shedding detail using fabric manipulation technique on the sleeves - it adds volume in the shoulder area to represents the idea of ‘power’ and ‘strength’.

The colours I’ve chosen are black and white - which represents good and evil. The collection ended up on the darker side, which was inspired by Genesis 3: The Fall of Adam and Eve, because they ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil that was offered by the serpent.

Male model : J. Ryan Karsten
Female model : Jesslyn Anggasta
Photographer : Denny Tjan
HMUA : Sefrida Tufani
Studio : Deapro Studio

Breathe - A/W 22

This collection is inspired by the idea of ‘calmness’ and ‘mental health’, such as anxiety and depression - designed and made during the COVID-19 lockdown. In this fast paced world, it’s hard to find balance. Higher expectations, more responsibility, competitive environment… those are the reasons why people feel so overwhelmed and burdened. Some work harder, some give up. Some feel motivated, some went crazy.

The colours I’ve chosen are black, white, and gray because the world loses its colour when you feel crushed. A white garment represents a blank canvas of people’s lives - it is pure. A hint of black in a white garment represents all the anxiety and depression that creeps into someone’s life - it is stained.

One of the fabric I used is lace - it is a beautiful yet see through fabric that represents your inner self and vulnerability. The majority of the garment is made of wool - it is a soft fabric to give the person comfort and sense of belonging - which vulnerable people needed the most.

This collection is the depiction of my feelings - especially during the pandemic. It means a lot to me, as if it is a part of me. This is how I see and depict people’s lives through art. The aim is to raise an awareness towards mental health about how important it is.