Branded Fashion Design

Anna Anicic

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design Ultimo

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Hi! My name is Anna Anicic and I am a multi-disciplinary designer with a current focus on sustainable fashion. Born and raised in Sweden but living in Sydney since 2016. I love animals, plants, saturated colours and music. I'm excited to work on new projects with like-minded people that are interested in the future of sustainability through design and innovation. Open to collaboration and networking!

Graduate Collection 2020

From my graduate collection. I used biodegradable materials and dyed them with non-toxic cold water dye with a Japanese technique called Shibori. Handmade by me here in Sydney, the designs are genderfluid and can be worn by anyone with comfort in mind. My inspiration came from the colouring projects I did while in lockdown 2020 with the colour purple symbolising creativity, intuition and awareness.

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Fashion Illustrations

A few drawings I made in 2019 combining hand drawing, watercolour and digital colours. Inspired by retro-futuristic fashion from the 70s and 80s.

The video is an animation that I made from 200+ Illustrations that is representing my interview with fashion illustrator Michelle Pike and her journey from South Africa to Australia.

Project/Client Website