Branded Fashion Design

Anna Mauragis

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design Ultimo

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Based on the sunny Gold Coast, Australia, I am driven to combine my passion for the Australian surf lifestyle with my love for the fashion industry. I have always been intrigued by the way we dress and how it is influenced by our surroundings, personality, and interests.

Alongside holding extensive knowledge of the production chain, I have developed a skillset including the concept/design process, development of tech & spec packs, sewing & patternmaking, highly proficient with Adobe suite programs, and knowledge of garment contruction.

I am motivated and fashion-driven with ambitious, long-term career goals in the area of Design and Development.


A time where all we have is a virtual world. The rise of social media and fast fashion has reshaped our relationship with clothing. Instead of dressing to our personality, we are relying on a decision based on what we see through media influences. This collection is about rediscovering our identity and the connection we have to our surroundings.

As we go through time, our backyard is constantly changing, from landscapes full of natural beauty to being impacted by an industrial influence. This collection reflects the constant discovery of our identity as we take our eyes off social media and face inevitable changes to our backyard.

Albert Namatjira, an aboriginal artist, has inspired this collection. Through his deep attachment to his country and the landscapes surrounding, he painted iconic images of our backyard, Australia.
This concept explores the untouched, outback Australian landscape as well as the impact and journey of human existence. By imitating nature's palette reflected throughout Albert Namatjira’s artwork, this collection is focused on embracing the earthy tones accented from plant pigments and showcasing the connection towards our backyard over time. Established throughout each design, we see a relationship
between the Australian horizon and each silhouette.

Our surroundings are forever our identity, we need to look beyond a screen.

6am Hues At The Beach Club

This collection stands for the early rises, no matter where you are on the Australian coast line, there is always someone embracing the seaside at first light.

This concept brings to light the subtle beach tones that are only seen at dawn, at this time of the morning the landscape is clearer than at any other time of day. The hues exposed at 6am have inspired the tonal palette for this collection. We are inspired by the delicacy, softness, and effortless essence that come with the blended tones.

A Beach Club is a symbol of leisure and relaxation on our Australian beaches. The designs of the collection reflect the attributes of how a beach club makes you feel, Luxurious, carefree, and exclusive.

The designs offer intricate details and effortless silhouettes that will take you dusk to dawn.