Graphic Design

Jody Boyle

Diploma of Graphic Design Online

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I'm Jody Boyle from Sydney, Australia. My favourite design areas are illustration and typography. I love combining both of these areas with photography. Adobe Illustrator is a favourite but I also enjoy working with plain old graphite and charcoal, watercolours, and pastels. I'll work in any medium that allows me to try new ways to create and my aim is to continue to explore and improve my design skills.

Piebald Magazine Cover

For this student project, I designed my own typeface in Illustrator and the image was created in Photoshop. The word ‘piebald’ refers to a spotted animal, usually a horse. I decided not to go with the horse direction and instead came up with the tagline “Find Your Creative Sweet Spot” and used the layers of the licorice allsort to lay out the magazine articles. I was awarded the Certificate for Best Submission in the subject Typography 2 for this project.

Flower Child

When I started using Adobe Capture, I wanted to experiment with the patterns that could be created.
For this project I edited the pattern in Photoshop and added it to the image’s hair and also used it to create her eyelashes. The image was created in Illustrator. This is the first in a series of digital illustrations combined with Adobe Capture patterns created from photographs of flowers.