Graphic Design

Jessica Griggs

Diploma of Graphic Design Brisbane

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Ahoy Intro! I'm Jess, a communication design student with an interest in web design, from sunny Brisbane. I am deeply curious about the intersection of tactile design experience in the digital world and hope to work in a role that encourages me to explore and develop this. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy.

Tangled - A Divergent Experience

As part of my internship at Billy Blue Creative I was required to design and create a book that explored what creativity means to me.

So I created Tangled, a book that takes the reader through different aspects of my life in order to demonstrate how creativity is more than my passion, it is an integral aspect to how I navigate the world as an autistic person.

Using the arrangement of information on each page and blank fold out pages, Tangled attempts to simulate an aspect of autistic life that is often overlooked: the way in which we experience and navigate, change and information on a daily basis.

Tools: Indesign, Illustrator.
Materials: Paper, card, transparencies, perle cotton thread, binding posts.

Project/Client Website

KHC - Landing Page Redesign

Using Adobe XD, I was required to redesign the website landing page for a local business using learned UX/UI practices. Build the website in HTML and CSS using Visual Studio Code and use media queries to ensure the site was responsive to different sized screens.

Notable features: Button animations, Card animations (monitor only).

Methods: Customer experience mapping, competitor analysis, heuristic evaluation.
Tools: XD, Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Chrome Developer Tools, Visual Studio Code.
Assets: Google Fonts, Iconicons, KHC website photos.