Graphic Design

Oliver Reyes

Diploma of Graphic Design Ultimo

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Oliver Vincent Reyes is a twenty-three-year-old, emerging Sydney based designer, whose expertise lies in digital illustration.

So far, as a freelance designer, Oliver's client base spans Sydney’s queer party scene with BiCONIC, participating in group shows with Adelaide's MOD Museum, YES Exhibition, GoodSpace Gallery, and contributing to this year’s pride series across Warner Music’s social media.

Oliver is looking forward to growing his professional practice alongside other creative thinkers in the design and illustration industry.

Warner Music x Flower Kid

Warner Music commissioned six Australian LGBTQ+ creatives to celebrate Pride 2021. Each was assigned a colour of the pride flag and a song choice by LGBTQ+ and allies musicians to illustrate. The brief was to visually interpret, ‘Miss Andry’, a song about a transgender teen's heartbreak, by Sydney-based artist, Flower Kid.

Oliver leaned into the deep-blue, angsty, teenager feelings. Receiving a text they won't reply to that reflects directly back to the lyrics in the song. These final square artworks are showcased across Warner Music’s social media and Cool Accidents articles.

Project/Client Website

Moments Series with MOD. Musume

Oliver was recently part of a small selection of Australian artists and designers for the Moments Series, as part of MOD. Musume's online exhibition collection. The brief was to create works that respond to moments of intimacy and connection, particularly with the people and places.

Image 1)
Softly illuminated, ‘Holding onto what matters’, affirms the feelings of peace and sanctuary that is found through touch and human connection.

Image 2)
'Found family' takes place against a brightly lit, nightscape in the city, focused on two people's embrace. These two companions share a tender moment and remind us to cherish the communities and relationships that we have built and cared for in our own lives.

Project/Client Website