Graphic Design

Kinaya Mgaza

Diploma of Graphic Design Brisbane

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Hi, I'm Kinaya (also known as Studio Kinaya), a recent Billy Blue Graphic Design graduate. Over my year of studying and freelancing I have developed a (healthy) obsession and passion for colour throughout my designs. I always challenge myself to think outside the box with my designs and believe that to create memorable designs you need to be bold and dare to be different.

For The Love Music Festival Rebrand

For The Love is an Australian music festival that celebrates the love of music, sun and surf. In the rebrand of the iconic music festival, it became apparent that the identity needed to effectively reflect this love of surf and music. Kinaya Designs was able to create an identity that appeal to the target audience and stood out from competitors. The warm colour palette is symbolic of the sunset colours as the beach side festival continues into the night.

Kibila Magazine

Influenced by Kinaya’s Tanzanian nationality, Kibila Magazine challenges traditional design trends and celebrates the importance of culture through the use of colour and texture. The unique art style reflected throughout this project creates an eye-catching visual whilst maintaining a premium appearance. The bold choice in grid layout, textured elements and photography allows Kibila Magazine to take the viewer on a journey, celebrating the colourful and audacious nature of Tanzanian culture.