Communication Design

Sujin Eom

Bachelor of Communication Design Melbourne

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Hello, I am Sujin Eom from Korea studied Bachelor of Communication Design at the Billy Blue College of Design within Torrens University. I am inspired by passionate people, music, art and life experience, which I endeavour to express in my work in the graphic design field. In addition, I am interested in brand strategy, identity and visual communication.

Type Generation

AHAN typeface is inspired by the neoclassical and modern architectures, such as Richard Serra's Inside Out, Sculpture by Katarzyna Kobro and Lombard Chair by Charles Hollis Jones that presents a beautiful contrast between thick and thin strokes and glamorous volume. Looking into these art forms has directed AHAN's base shapes to create a typeface. AHAN named from 'U-ahan' in Korean, means elegant. It is a display font perfect for branding, poster and packaging design.

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Packaging and Branding_Mamè Cocoa

Brand Identity

Mamè Cocoa pays tribute to Japan’s Nama chocolate originally from Hokkaido in Japan, producing the best milk in the country. The brand identity evokes traditional, homemade fresh with sophisticated texture. The company will partner with local dairy producers to provide fresh chocolates. Mamè Cocoa’s refined, thoughtful design and range of delicious flavors make it a perfect artisanal gift for a loved one or a special treat for yourself.

Mamè Cocoa endeavours to maintain an ethical and sustainable approach to creating, distributing, and packaging our products. We are committed to providing you with a product that you can enjoy with the confidence that you are supporting small business, with local designers, distributers and environmentally
responsible production wherever possible.

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