Communication Design

Seon Hee Jin

Bachelor of Communication Design Ultimo

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I am Sunny Jin, a sensitive and detail-oriented designer, located in Sydney. My creative skills are diverse and expand into graphic design, illustration, motion graphics and clay-sculpting. I look forward to entering into the field of graphic design and putting into practice the abundant knowledge and skills I have gained at Billy Blue.


“Moonwake” was my project name for the subject “Wayfinding”. It involved reimagining the function of the Rhodes Waterside area so that it may be revived as a cultural hub for the community.

I sought solutions that considered the stories and the demographics of the area in order to establish cultural and emotional connections with potential users. I aimed to implement coherency as well as playfulness into the branding, visual language system and wayfinding.


Drawing upon personal and shared experiences on mental health, I created an infographic video that explores the obstacles that prevent one from seeking professional help for depression and outlines ways how a friend may be of help in their time of trouble. I used illustrations, 2D animation and other motion graphic elements to create this video.