Communication Design

Christopher Watts

Bachelor of Communication Design Ultimo

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Hi, I’m Chris!

Billy Blue College of Design student based in Sydney, originally Lennox Head.

Interested in visual communication as a medium of thought and expression.

My style is true to who I am as a creative; expressive and explorative, innovative and insightful.

Torrens University Surry Hills

Through the Work Integrated Learning Live Brief subject, I was tasked to create way-finding and branding for a new Torrens University campus in Surry Hills. The graphics I developed are representations of native bush tucker found in Gadigal country. My idea focuses on transforming the space into a bright, colourful and exciting experience that also educates campus visitors on what once grew abundantly on the land they work.

Project/Client Website

Square Peg

A square peg in a round hole is someone who doesn’t quite fit the normal expectation. A misfit; not necessarily in a bad way. This is a typeface that I designed with an intended usage as a bold header. It features a balance of square and round elements that complement each other.