Communication Design

Isabel Tyrril

Bachelor of Communication Design Ultimo

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Hey I'm Isabel, a recent graduate with a Bachelor of Communication Design. I specialise in branding, vector illustration, layout design and typography.

In my spare time you'll find me taking up one of many different crafts, such as crochet, sewing, weaving and doing all sorts of DIYs.


"You will design, deliver and develop a self-initiated design project that allows you to explore an area of interest, develop your skills and knowledge, and create a significant portfolio piece that reinforces your unique position as an emerging design professional."

Collector tells the tale of some of my various collections, many of which I have unknowingly built overtime. Many of these items I save because of the potential I see in them, and some are kept simply to be admired.

The book itself is made up of collections in more ways than one. The pages are made from paper that I have kept over time, different fabrics, and handmade paper which I created from scraps of different materials that I saved.

I created the book from start to finish. From taking pictures to writing poems and anecdotes. Then creating the layouts using InDesign. Then finally, printing each page, and then binding the book together.

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Label & Co

"To create branding and packaging for a local business that sells candles, melts and reed diffusers. The branding and packaging should encapsulate a simple, yet elegant style that will suit the decor of any home, workplace or business."

Label & Co is a small business that was founded by my mother back in 2019, that specialises in candles, reed diffusers and gift packs.

It was important that we created a brand that would suit any home, hence why we settled on the black & white design. It is elegant and not too overstated, and can easily go with any decor.

Project/Client Website