Communication Design

Sarah-Anne Lahood

Bachelor of Communication Design Ultimo

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I'm Sarah! A Junior Graphic Designer in Sydney wanting to apply my love for conceptual design to any job I do. You'll find me with an Iced Latte and a fresh pair of sneakers ready to mold great ideas into amazing concepts with a fresh perspective and encapsulating visualizations.

Mama Roses Baklava

Mama Roses Baklava is bringing a modern twist on a traditional middle eastern delight. Using soft and neutral colours to create the Mama Roses logo, I've illustrated Mama putting her heart and soul into her baking by offering a plate of roses - giving you a piece of her with every box of baklava. This was inspired by the traditional middle eastern mother who generally shows her love through food since the founder wanted to embrace the homemade feel of the brand.

Project/Client Website

DeeJays Burger Joint

DeeJays Burger Joint is a concept brought to life with handmade typography and a funky mascot named DeeJay who is the firey red-headed DJ of the joint. When handed the task to create a new restaurant for teens and young adults to hang out and eat, I came up with a place that served burgers and beats! Inspired by the retro American fast-food restaurants everybody knows and loves.