Communication Design

Jackson Rae

Bachelor of Communication Design Ultimo

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I'm a Sydney based designer and Graduate from Billy Blue College of Design in Bachelor of Communication Design. I specialize in illustration and have roots as an artist before branching out into design as a student.
My style is naïve, humorous, contemporary and a little out there. I've always been inspired by fantasy and storytelling and my biggest influences are animated series such as Adventure time and Avatar the Last Airbender. My style is very cartoonish and I've aways had a love for linework. ​As a designer I try to be imaginative and different and having fun with it

Hidden Lands

Hidden Lands is an eye spy picture book for all ages. Designed as a distraction for people with anxiety, I found that drawing the illustrations was like a form of meditation through linework. Inspired by animated series such as Adventure Time, The story follows an adventurer (you) who travels to hidden lands and helps characters to find things. (2021)

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Smart Spaghetti

Have you ever made spaghetti and accidentally made enough for a whole family? Smart Spaghetti comes with a cardboard portioning tool inside each packet which has the recommended serving size per person. Its recycled paper packaging is also resealable to maintain freshness so your spaghetti keeps for longer. Studies have shown that 80 percent of millennials regularly keep pasta stocked in their cupboard and pasta can keep for up to 2 years in cool dry environments if stored properly. Help fight food waste with Smart Spaghetti, which comes in three delicious flavours, Chilli, Garlic and Pesto

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