Interior Design Commercial

Sophie Mann

Bachelor of Interior Design Commercial Brisbane

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I am an enthusiastic Interior Designer with skills across multi-disciplinary areas of design. I am a strong advocate for using creativity and successful design to enhance user experience. Whether that be in graphics, art, advertising, or interior architecture. All areas of design help to increase engagement, productivity and quality of life. I enjoy seeing projects come to life while working closely with clients to create an authentic environment founded on a holistic design process.


The chair is a furniture item that only acts for one thing; to be sat on. We do however, use various chairs in different ways. We sit to eat, we sit to work and we sit to relax. The craftsmanship involved in the creation of a chair is something to be admired. The form is built to carry a certain weight while also being comfortable for the person occupying the piece. My design aims to celebrate this craftsmanship and the overlooked ideal of chairs being an artwork. I have used organic and geometric forms similar to those found in abstract paintings and sculptures. Within this design, can be found not just a chair, but a unique and challenging form that asks the user to appreciate shape and detail in a new light.

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Exhibition Stand

I used the shape development of the water-droplet and soft curving forms to generate a structure that is perfectly aligned without touching. The two systems meet at the top, forming two wave-like forms. They work together in harmony which also symbolises the unity of Brodware’s materials and development process to create the best of the best. I aimed to demonstrate Brodware products in various environments which is why I incorporated the ‘scene development’ technology screens. The 4 interactive screens situated in the stand allow customers to choose products and place them in different scenes. I also wanted to show the brands Broclean technology that ensures the consistent flow of water-pressure. I therefore made this a main element within the stand, by shaping it in the infamous B (for Brodware) and having glass pipes that allow customers to see the constant and consistent flow rushing through the tap. Ramps and wide walkways have been included to ensure the stand is wheelchair accessible.

Designing this exhibition stand has expanded my knowledge about the importance of truly understanding all aspects of a client to generate a successful space. This started from the process of the original shape development representing the brand, all the way through to the final modular system.

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