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Riham Assaad

Bachelor of Interior Design Commercial Online

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My Name is Riham, Located in Melbourne, Australia
I am a hardworking and enthusiastic designer, with a Bachelor of interior design (Commercial).
My passion towards interior design is driven by seeing design as not only a way to make our environment more aesthetically pleasing, but also as a tool to enhance flexibility, durability and affordability.
Throughout my education, I have gained a strong understanding of clients needs, to create personalised spaces.
My goal is to gain deeper and broader knowledge in the field of interior design with much challenging projects in the future.

Peter Gilmore Restaurant

- Location : 12 St Huberts Rd, Coldstream VIC 3770
- Client : Peter Gilmore
- Background : Peter Gilmore is the Executive chef at two of Australia's most exciting and dynamic restaurants Quay and Bennelong, he's now known as "King of Vegetables" 
Gilmore's food philosophy has always been 'Food inspired by nature'

- Brief/ Requirements : 
Create a new venture for chosen expert in hospitality
Create a positive and memorable experiences for the customer 
Create intimate dining experience inspired by fresh, seasonal menu
Floor plan for the new venture, including joinery 
Incorporate his food vision/ Philosophy into space

- Design Concept : 
The work was conceived from a client's premise 'Farm-to-table'
from this concept and considering the characteristics of the garden neighbourhood of the place, a simple typology was thought of, of unique and flexible space surrounded by nature, where the dining room coexists in the central area, the open kitchen at one end and the bar at the other. 
Continuing with the idea of connecting with nature, a few materials were used and in their natural state: Concrete, corten steel, wood and glass.

- Software and Skills : ​
3D Max / Vray 
Hand Sketches

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Arabian Night

Inspired by The thousand and One Nights, 
it's tales of Aladdin, Ali Baba and Sindbad the Sailor

"Imagine a land, it's a faraway place
Where the wind from the East,
and the sun from the West,
Where the caravan camels roam,
Where you wander among every culture,
it's chaotic but, 
it's HOME"

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