Interior Design Commercial

Sarah Trainor

Bachelor of Interior Design Commercial Brisbane

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Hello, my name is Sarah and I am from Brisbane, QLD. My favorite foods are burgers and potato, and I adore my plants. The thing I am looking forward to most in my design career is pushing the sustainability envelope when it comes to materials, upcycling, waste and passive design.

The Streetcorner

This project included the redesign of an existing local site of a hospitality nature. The site that I chose was a bar which was positioned inside a heritage building. It was required to conduct an onsite observation and interviews to gain a thorough understanding of the pain points of the venue. Through my preliminary research, I deduced that the interior layout and fit out of my chosen site was highly underutilised and as such was to be the focus of my design project. To ensure my design was current and relevant to the site, background research was conducted on the area in which the site was located and findings from such research provided me with the inspiration I needed to produce a design with depth.

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Country Road Retail Store

For this brief, I was to develop a fresh perspective on an existing brand ethos that was to be reflected through a new, conceptual store design. Using knowledge gained from design research into the brand, I developed a concept of Australian and Traditional, inspired by the heritage of the brand, the local landscape and its colour palette, along with the building where the store was located. Given the merchandise range of the brand and the size of the store, developing a concept that would fill the space and have relevance to the different departments was challenging. To overcome this, I developed different variations of the concept to suit each space.

Project/Client Website