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Sammy Jones

Diploma of Photo Imaging Online

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My name is Sammy Jones, I am a Food, Beverage & Product Lifestyle Photographer based in Hobart. I particular love photographing hard light glassware, noodle bowls, and Food & Products that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Pick 2 Plate & Echo Food Festival

These 4 images are from the 2 bodies of work I submitted for the Subject Folio. Pick 2 Plate explores food and where it comes from and how it can be served up creatively on our Plates, touching base on sustainability, ethical sourcing and Tasmanian produce. Echo Food Festival brings together the Traditional and new ways of culture and the way we celebrate, educate and enjoy Indigenous culture.

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Personal/client work post-graduation

This body of work, is a continuation and expansion of my Food Photography Business of learning the art of Food Photography and Styling. I am beginning to work beside brands and promote their products through creative food photography images. Since graduating, I have continued my education specifically around food photography and styling.

Project/Client Website