Photo Imaging

Batool Aljfri

Diploma of Photo Imaging Ultimo

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I am a Sydney-based photography graduate specialising in editorial portraiture and fine art. The main subject matter of my photographic work spans across arts and culture, fashion as well as personal projects that convey stories of art, devotion, music, spirituality, and connection. I aim to explore identity, character and passion and create a new perspective of seeing the world from a different angle.

Beings of Devotion

This is a collection of environmental portraits that aim to capture people’s stories and their inner guide towards their passion and identity. It is a journey into their world but also into my own world and what captivates me towards their character. As an individual who grew up in an eastern and a western world, I aim to incorporate the duality of this identity and bring into light a new philosophy of the mergence between the two worlds through my perspective and through my lens. My main intention with this project is to capture personalities that speak a story of their own and create artwork that carries a message of passion, devotion, and unity.

Beings of Devotion

This is a continuation to the project 1.