Photo Imaging

Brendan Fowler-Jones

Diploma of Photo Imaging Ultimo

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Hey! I am Brendan, i'm 23 photojournalist from Sydney Australia. I am beyond passionate about show casing, human life and human impact through my photography. I hope you love my work as much as i do.

Opal in the Outback

My project is about humanity. The way humans interact with the world and the impacts that can have. I have shot a series titles 'Opal in the outback', showcasing rural opal mining and the things they do for fun when not mining.

Project/Client Website

Waste World

I have shot a series titled 'Waste World' showing the impact of single use plastic and waste at landfills. Shot in Sydney which may be a shock to people, i want my work to have an impact on the viewer and to show them a world that they have created without knowing anything about.

Project/Client Website