Photo Imaging

Isabella Lukic

Diploma of Photo Imaging Ultimo

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As my photography and style is focused around film, my portfolio consists of images all shot on my Canon AE-1, using both Kodak Portra 400 Colour Film and Kodak Gold 200. Always capturing moments in time, whether it be my surroundings or a particular scenario, I’m constantly drawn to anything that captures my eye. For my portfolio, I have incorporated two collections of images using my own aesthetic and signature style. I want to be able to have a profitable career doing what I love, through my own unique style of photography and creating a visual impact that showcases my chosen genre. All to be continued through after completing Uni.

landscapes and surroundings

First collection of images throughout my portfolio consist of landscapes and my surroundings. Essentially images which i've captured over the last year or so, and the large majority of them taken on walks during lockdown, or when passing by a certain area and capturing the particular moment.

magia 888

The second series of images consists of my sisters’ necklace brand, Magia 888. She began this project over the last couple of months throughout lockdown and has since continued to do so over the last couple of months , designing a range of necklaces to sell to others.