Photo Imaging

Christopher Hanna

Diploma of Photo Imaging Ultimo

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Christopher Hanna, an aspiring photojournalist residing in Sydney. An advocate for human rights and the liberation of all beings.

The fruits of life were not delegated equally, therefore, I intend to utilise exposure and awareness through visual documentation to shed a light on the pressing social injustices that we must fight to overcome.

I dream of a world of inclusion, where we open our arms to all and can bathe within the beauty of assurance. This is what drives me to capture the realities of this world.

Project 1

The ability to capture raw human emotions through a single image can be the catalyst for change. This project attempts to document the ongoing fight throughout Sydney in which they express their dissent towards the state and their policies.

Each Image provides individuals of a community showcasing their strength and resilience to actively fight for justice. There is a sense of solidarity in the air at most of these demonstrations, a sometimes foreign scent that truly radiates hope.

Project 2

This project is a representation of the B-roll. The mundane and usually overshadowed images are granted an opportunity to shed a light. All images were shot from different perspectives allowing for alternate perceptions.

The idea was to have my camera strapped on me during my daily strolls and to capture the simplicities of the community.