Interior Design and Decoration

Ruby Bolt

Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration Ultimo

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Ruby Bolt, Sydney, Australia. I love interior design, printing and textiles and I am looking to broaden my skills into furniture design. I am passionate about creativity and I want to broaden my experience working overseas.

Major Project for Kara Otter, Karameleon.

The requirement of this design project was to produce a creative design solution for a complex commercial site located in The Rocks, Sydney. The objective was to provide a new commercial office space inclusive of a hospitality/retail integrant for the online Australian business, Karameleon. My design concept is driven from the bold, nostalgic prints and designs of Karameleon. My concept explores the brand name referencing a chameleon, only to juxtapose the idea of fitting in, like her one-off designs. The space features exciting fluorescent perspex and unique finishes on both levels to provide staff and consumers with a gripping experience, visiting a new-fashioned nostalgia.

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Spatial Design for Amanda Parkes, Pangaia.

Students were provided with a site located in the city of Sydney. It consisted of both a residential program and commercial program divided into two levels. The Residential Program was focused on the rooftop of the commercial tenancy and the penthouse was tailored to the needs of my chosen client, Amanda Parkes. Focusing on Amanda's lifestyle and interest my concept was to embrace the co-existance of elements and evolution. Focusing on connections between people, the environment and knowledge and balance between textures, shape and light. My design features elements of parametric design and biometric design while balancing sustainability.

Project/Client Website