Interior Design and Decoration

Shi Wang

Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration Ultimo

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An innovative and motivated designer that is driven to capture stories in every project explored. I strive to inspire audience with my skills in Photoshop, Sketch Up, AutoCAD, Microsoft Office and Indesign accompanied by my passion in designing projects that reflect the client’s requested styles. Continuously learning is my key goal to diversify my design and maximise success in the practical field.

Rock Cottage - Hospitality & Retail

Traditional & Natural
The design philosophy combining a fusion of traditional Eastern art and contemporary Western art creative sensibility. As well as the values of beauty of nature and the world around us, to echo with the Kimmidoll™ brand inspired by Eastern culture - Traditional Japanese kimono.

Fuzion - Retail & Hair Salon

Atmosphere & Natural
Atmosphere through use natural colour scheme. Wide display window allows connecting between interior and exterior. Welcomes and encourages customers to come in.