Interior Design and Decoration

Rachel Savage

Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration Brisbane

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My design style is refined, deliberate and personable, with subtle accents that add injections of personality into my work. Having a name like Savage - Rachel Savage that is - I love adding something bold and memorable to a design, something that may go unnoticed to start but leaves you in awe once its found. Currently a brisbane based designer, I am looking for interior deisgn work in NSW or QLD, where I can inject some pizzazz and personality into some unique and individual clients projects.

Low-Budget Dream Home

These clients came to me asking for a low-budget way to renovate their newly purchased house and make it into a warm and contemporary, young family home. Our clients busy work lives inspired us to use a softer pallete in the bedroom of the house, as to create an escape for them, while using neutral tones with black accents in the main living areas to darken the overly bright, stark-white interiors they had previously. Adding this depth to the space allowed us to be more bold with artwork and texture in the living areas, injecting a playful touch to the simple design. I was the primary designer for this project and was responsible for all aspects of the design, including client communications, furniture sourcing and arrangment of trades people.

Boutique Fashion Store

This was a university project, in which we were asked to create a new commecial space from an existing, real commerical site. I chose to design a boutique fashion store with a warm interior, to contrast the existing dark, hair-salon which was at the site. I modernised the design by including light timbers and keeping the space as open as possible. The existing space was very tight, and felt cramped and cluttered, so keeping fixtures against the walls was the best solution possible. I added hidden storage in the timber joinery which lines most of the walls, as there was very limited storage in the staff area, and the counter is completely open to allow for boxes to be stored away neatly.