Communication Design

Phoebe Calista

Bachelor of Communication Design Melbourne

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I’m a creative brain, a wordsmith, and a people person.

Here thrill, communicate, and make visual dreams come true, and give birth to epic design babies
(that’s what I call creative solutions!)

I believe that taking your time away from the screen and get hands-on with your work is WORTH IT. That is why I like to infuse tactile and traditional feel into my design works. Trust your hands more than your computer;
get *dirty*!

Studio Phö, aka Phoebe.

Studio Phö

Studio Phö is a creative mind palace where I, Phoebe, get to give birth to epic design babies (aka creative solutions.)

Branding oneself is undoubtedly a difficult task to tackle. The challenge was to rediscover who I am as a designer and person; while acknowledging and accepting that my style and outlook on the arts will continuously evolve. The process involves getting to know my top 5 strengths, reassessing my previous works, and reflecting on where I want to be in the future. I rekindled with my old friend printmaking (linocut) and pushed myself to create a stamp/print for my brand. The process ends with a finished mini-zine portfolio, a website, and a set of strength tarot cards!

The logos, phrases, colours, shapes, and forms that I use clearly represent myself. Here's to encouraging other designers to not be afraid of getting to know themselves better and developing their own brand! Trust your hands more than your computer (get *dirty!*)

Project/Client Website


UberTots is a family and children friendly sub-brand created for Uber. One of the major pain points of Uber is that they are not family/child friendly. They do not have baby chairs or child-safe chairs! Having to send off children to commute alone when they have to looks pretty worrisome with the current Uber system.

There are increasing Uber needs for families; busy parents, lack of personal vehicles, running errands and doing parental responsibilities, active children that require commuting, etc.

The available solution is to create a sub-brand that offers rides with child/baby-safe chairs, cherry-picked drivers qualified to work with children, and monitors for children commuting alone.

Thus, the idea of the brand ‘UberTots’ is born.

Stork is UberTots’ brand archetype created from three archetypes;
The Hero, The Caregiver, and The Innocent. In real life, the Stork is a bird that carries and delivers babies to their parents. The Stork symbolises birth, motherhood, protection, fidelity, provision, endurance, and creativity, representing the three archetypes that were identified and chosen.

UberTots offers easy-to-use applications for a hassle-free and stress-free ride, with
baby chair choices and a driver’s profile. Just clicks away from a safe and monitored
ride for families.

Project/Client Website