Interior Design Residential

Petra Eggl

Bachelor of Interior Design Residential Ultimo

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I have graduated from Billy Blue College of Design with a Bachelor of Interior Design (Residential). With an innate passion for interior architecture and design, I am particularly interested in considered spatial planning and conceptual design and documentation, using Revit, AutoCAD and SketchUp. I have a strong work ethic and ability to collaborate. I am a solutions person that is able to interpret those ideas into concept design and details. I am looking to work in an office (or remote) environment where I can collaborate with others on residential, multi residential or commercial projects.

The Forest Residence

Software used: Revit, Sketchup, Enscape, Photoshop

A knock down rebuild of house on a corner block in Sydney. Full design and documentation for DA. The long side of the block overlooks Garrigal National Park and faces North/East and is located in a flame zone. The design has been carefully considered to take full advantage of the North Easterly aspect with large windows overlooking the pool and the National Park. This allows each of the living areas to receive natural light throughout the day. The eaves and length of the windows have been designed to receive the winter sun to allow for passive solar heating. The internal materials palette incorporates various textures in harmony with its natural surroundings, whilst creating a luxurious, but comfortable family home.

Urban Skygardens Residences and Communal Gardens – Sustainable housing for homeless youth

Location: On the rooftop of Wilson Parking building, Zollner Circuit Haymarket
Software used: Sketchup, Enscape, Photoshop, Premier Pro

Providing a cost effective, self sufficient and environmentally friendly design solution to address the social issue of homelessness for young adults to improve their welfare and quality of life. The residences are converted shipping containers that have been stacked on top of each other. They are clad in solar panels and fully insulated. The Urban Skygardens uses aquaponics, a combination of aquafarming and hydroponics. The community gardens are designed to give access to food, water and a sense of community within the sky home. The urban farming also provides vital skills for future employability.