Interior Design Residential

Persefoni (Stephanie) Apostolou

Bachelor of Interior Design Residential Ultimo

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I live in my creative bubble, and I am an idealist with creative thinking. My preferred name: Stephanie; Location: Sydney. My love for life. My field of design is Interior Design, graduated in Residential & Commercial April 2021 with Torrens University. I will be available for work January 2022.

Balmain Apartments 'Hot Pink'

The aim of the project is to develop the design of simplicity with space for Level 5 'Hot Pink in Balmain Apartments' building situated on Teelane Rd Balmain.
The client John Smith the Australian liaison for the overseas developer to engage a local Australian designer who will design a unique floor plate with a cultural influence into the development that is local, vernacular, contextual and individual.

Cathedral House

Space & Theory is the purpose of this design to look at the relationship of what a home is and the philosopy of what space is to a person.

This home is made of sandstone and design with concept of the sun brining in shapes of structure and the use of materials brining in its own space.

The living space effects actions, thoughts and attitudes bringing impressions into the space.
The client (Rosa Embroisa) is asking for a design with ideas of a classical catherial atmoshere of architecture that is incorporated into the design.