Interior Design Residential

Eden Royal

Bachelor of Interior Design Residential Ultimo

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My interior design interest is very much sustainability oriented and my close ties with the sustainable building industry has allowed me hands-on exploration in the past couple of years.
Inspired by the design of my Mirvac micro apartment in my final year at Billy Blue, I designed a sustainable TinyHempHouse with a view of fulfilling a similar brief - in consideration of urbanisation and affordability creating a home space for entry level and/or downsizing with the added attributes of full respect to climate change and the need for sustainability in design.

FZ TinyHempHouse/Bunker

The FZ TinyHempHouse/Bunker concept developed following the 2019-20 NSW Bushfires.
The opportunity to meet with people directly impacted by the bushfires, inspired us to evolve my original TinyHempHouse design to ultimately achieve BAL-FZ rating (Bushfire Attack Level -FlameZone rating), the highest risk zone for those living in Bushfire prone areas. Hence the addition of FZ to the name.
The TinyHempHouse/Bunker can potentially provide temporary housing for those impacted who are still rebuilding their lives. With capacity to comfortably sleep 4 people, it can also be a permanent home/on-site rental accommodation etc. Being BAL certified (pending), The TinyHempHouse/Bunker offers a level of increased confidence and resilience for vulnerable community members living in bushfire prone areas.

Only submitting one project (the one above)

Only submitting one project (the one above)