Interior Design and Decoration

Jennifer (Jenny) Kelly

Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration Online

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I am a highly motivated and passionate designer, with extensive knowledge of the planning and construction process, based in Tamworth. Dedicated to creating inspirational and functional Furniture and Residential spaces. Committed to delivering a unique, refined finish to ensure superior client satisfaction. I am addicted to anything relating to Architecture and Design, especially Modernism, Art Nouveau and Art Deco eras. I am inspired by Australian artists Frank Hinde and Jenny Kee, along with Florence Knoll, Frank Gehry and Antoni Gaudi.

Urban Skyline Coffee Table

"Urban Skyline” Coffee Table designed for Private Client. (Project for Design Drawing – Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration)
My client commissioned a coffee table for their Contemporary, Urban Industrial home in the inner-city suburbs of Sydney. The “Urban Skyline” coffee table design was influenced by the city skyline of the Sydney CBD. I used basic lines and shapes, mimicking the city landscape using uneven sizing for the shelve and blocks underneath reflecting the different heights and sizes of the city buildings - creating a visual representation of the Urban Skyline and using simple poles representing the towering Skyscrapers. The timber tabletop creates a ceiling over the city, giving the illusion of shelter and protection. Hebel Blocks, Charcoal powder-coated pipe with Laminated timber panel bring the whole project to life reflecting the urban industrial sentiment.

“Mountain Top” Penthouse and Community space.

“Mountain Top” Penthouse was designed for a professional couple who worked part-time in the city but spent most of their time in their home in regional New South Wales.
My brief was to create a luxurious Penthouse in conjunction with a harmonious community space. Mountain Top retreat was influenced by the couples’ outlook from their country residence, creating a convenient, inner-city retreat.