Graphic Design

Emily Corkill

Diploma of Graphic Design Ultimo

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Hey! I'm Emily but you can call me Em. I'm graphic designer and illustrator from the Central Coast, NSW. I have recently finished up my Diploma of Graphic Design at Billy Blue College of Design. My favourite work to do includes branding, logo design, packaging design and illustration. My passions include; fine arts such as painting, drawing and sculpting, photography (digital and film), fashion, reading and writing.

CTRL Cold Brew

CTRL Cold Brew was a passion project I ideated and developed recently with the specific purpose of demonstrating my love of branding and package design. I conceptualised the brand ‘CTRL Cold Brew’, a cold brewed espresso brand made for designers, that specialises in canned beverages of varying flavours. By using designer lingo in a fun playful way as well as employing a digital design aesthetic, I wanted this product to be niche and grab the desired audience’s attention.

Project/Client Website

Pipe Dream Winery

Pipe Dream Winery was another passion project of mine that I begun when I discovered the new niche wine market of smoked wine. As a result of the bushfires in late 2019, many of the vineyards in NSW and QLD suffered smoke taint - when grapes are exposed to smoke and absorb an ‘ashy’ flavour. Some wine makers have found a way of producing the smoke-tainted wine into an interesting, well received smoked wine. This inspired me to conceptualise my own smoked wine brand as the product would be unique, sustainable and interesting.
‘Pipe Dream’ plays on the idea of an impossible fantasy and something being unattainable. This fits the product well as up until recently, using smoke-tainted grapes was uncommon and unexpected.

Project/Client Website