Graphic Design

Danijella Lehman

Diploma of Graphic Design Online

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My name is Danijella and I am looking to work with an agency, on branding projects and/or print material including brochures, booklets, etc. This is where my passion lies, I love clean, modern and fun design. I currently have my own business but am looking to expand my career.

The Elisabrow

The client wanted new branding that accurately represented her years of experience in the beauty industry. Previously only having one logo, we worked on a re-brand that would work cohesively across all platforms, depicting a luxurious, feminine & professional aesthetic through minimalism and a luxe colour palette.

Project/Client Website

DIY Drip

DIY Drip is a fast-growing affordable jewellery business. The owner was after branding that created a friendly and affordable aesthetic that was simultaneously luxe and cool. This was achieved with a predominantly neutral colour palette with some bright fun colours to add subtle complement. An illustration of the brand owner was also created to create a connection between the audience but remains faceless to keep the focus on jewellery.