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Charlotte Perry

Diploma of Graphic Design Ultimo

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My name is Charlotte Perry, I am a graphic designer based in Sydney & a graduate of the National Art School and Billy Blue College of Design. I am a disciplined team player with a strong work ethic, with an aptitude for generating innovative concepts. I have a natural flair for the creative arts and a passion for working with and coaching others. I love taking on new projects, commissions and challenges. I currently work from a home studio, a creative wonderland of indoor plants, colourful palettes, easels, ink and cheese. I am now seeking an appealing graphic design role where I can further develop my skills and put my existing ones to good use.
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Keto Kitchen Restaurant Branding

The client for this task, a new chain of restaurants that are opening in Australia, wanted illustration-focused branding that could be applied to various franchises across the country. I came up with the name for the restaurant, menu, logo, branding and collateral in a funky, fresh and organic approach. The mascot for Keto Kitchen is relatable, dynamic and different to competitors. I have focused on a particular style/cuisine of cooking, for a restaurant that offers both eat-in and take-away options. The target audience love to experience new eating and dining experiences. The food will be moderate in price-range and not take long to cook. 

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Sass & Vibe

This series of illustrations portray a tribe of sassy Queens. They are part of an ongoing series of illustrations that I have created to celebrate women, fashion and everyday moments.

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