Branded Fashion Design

Carine Ferreira da Silva

Bachelor of Branded Fashion Design Ultimo

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My name is Carine Ferreira da Silva, I am originally from Brazil and currently, I am a student, working toward the end of my degree and looking for ways to put the knowledge and skills I learned of fashion to use in a work environment.


Desire is a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen, being it good or bad. We connect with our emotions in moments in our life and this collection is the translation to me of how I feel and see desire.
The collection brings the fire and craving of achievement, with traces of soft and textured fabric, revealing cutouts, and double-layered pieces bringing a sense of freedom and passion into the looks.


The collection will be based on the heritage theme, bringing traces of cultural mix and backgrounds.
Our society needs to see and feel diversity to understand how to live as a whole and unify all beings as one.
The collection is called Gods and brings traces of cultures, temples and, ancestors within the development of the pieces bringing specific characteristics from it.