Interior Design Commercial

Ash Keane

Bachelor of Interior Design Commercial Brisbane

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I am a final year interior design student majoring in commercial design. I am passionate about sustainable design and seek a role that will allow me to utilise my strong technical skills and passion for delivering a superior user experience, in an environment that will support my ongoing professional development. I have a strong work ethic, natural curiosity and exceptional capacity for acquiring new skills that has seen me excel in my studies thus far.

Boundless on Boundary

Boundless on Boundary is a cafe situated in West End, Brisbane, QLD. The cafe is a vegan tapas and wine bar that embraces the culture and history of the land it inhabits. The space that has been created is dynamic and attracts a large variety of people, locals, and tourists to wine and dine. The space has a re-designed kitchen at the back of house as well as a featured bar in the center of the space. The newly designed has been given an increase in seating capacity and can now seat customers outside and inside for a more versatile customer experience.

The Narry

The Narry is a piece of furniture that is both practice and aesthetic. It is ergonomically designed, cost effective to manufacture, easily mass produced and feasible. I have considered the potential end users and have made it suitable for a wide range of people of different sizes to enjoy. The design approach was focused on the
entire product life cycle with consideration of responsible use and selection of materials. To achieve this goal I was careful to design a piece of furniture that was durable, resilient and a long-term desirability.